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Message of the Mayor During the Executive-Legislative Agenda and Capability Development Formulation Workshop


My distinguished colleagues in public service, Vice Mayor Frank U. Gonzales, Members of the Sangguniang Bayan, Department Heads, Heads of Offices, very active and supportive MLGOO, Mr. Roel Tumarao, Atty. Roberto C. Cajes who is responsible for making Trinidad of what it is now and to all ELA planning participants, good morning.

Once again, we are gathered here today in Cebu City for the next three days for a very noble and important purpose, our formulating the Executive and Legislative Agenda that will chart the direction and destiny of our beloved Trinidad for the next three years under my new mandate as your Local Chief Executive. Though we may feel lonely and anxious thinking about our parental and official responsibilities being left behind because of this temporary sojourn, I believe that the expected results out of this ELA planning will be far more productive and beneficial in terms of the socio-economic development of our town, in general and our respective careers as public servants in particular.

During my first term as a mayor way back in 2007-2010 and then followed by the administration of former mayor Roberto C. Cajes, in 2010- 2013 where we espoused a platform of government we called and had an acronym LIFE that stands for Livelihood, Infrastructure, Food and Education, ELA as an executive and legislative convergence planning system has helped in systematizing and prioritizing our projects and programs which in real and tangible terms has directly benefited our local constituents.

We would humbly take pride of our concrete accomplishments done in just a matter of six (6) years that put Trinidad once an obscure town into the limelight of development and the subject of envy by other municipalities that take notice of the fast-paced developments. Who would imagine that from 200 or more students of TMC during the pre-Cajes’s administrations, TMC has now almost 2000 students and still growing every year because of the affordable but quality education being offered that serves not only our Trinidadnons but also students from other towns.

The construction of the birthing clinic that saves hundreds of mothers and newly born babies from mortality, espesially since the new water filters from http://watersoftenerguide.com were installed,  the expansion of our Rural Health Center in order to provide effective basic health care services, the renovation of our police station and demonstration farm building,  the construction of our motor pool to safe keep and maintain our heavy and light equipments, the rehabilitation of a portion of Ipil river bank that paved the way for the existence of the People’s Park, the development of the Batungay Twin Peak that make it now a pilgrimage and local tourist destination in northern Bohol, our active partnership with NGAs and NGOs for the upkeep and maintenance of our farm to market roads, the construction of Barangay gymnasiums in some Barangays that enable the same to hold social activities free from climatic disruptions, our acquisition of fire truck that has mitigated fire break outs not only in Trinidad but also in the neighboring municipalities, our acquisition of boom truck and van and other equipments and gadgets for our MDRRMC’s rescue and emergency operations, our installation of radio repeater, radio equipments for quick emergency response and information and lastly but most prominently, the construction of our new municipal building which of no doubt the most beautiful and state of the art municipal building in the province.

These accomplishments, I believe would not have been possible without the meeting of minds and unconditional commitments of the people from the executive and legislative branches of our local government.

Lest we rest on these laurels, there are still a lot of challenges and pressing concerns ahead that we have to face head- on within our first term. I envision vital programs   and projects that need to be done to sustain and continue the gains that we had reaped in the last six years and, again I would appeal to you to take an active part in these endeavors because as an LGU-family, we are one body with different essential but related functions, if one part does not function the whole body would be affected.

My priority projects may seem to be ambitious and may fall short of being achievable, but each and every one of us here must be motivated by the wisdom of Napoleon Hill when he said that “whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve “we may not be able to realize all these great things in a given period considering the financial requirements these projects have to take, but I am optimistic that with team work and conviction, these are likely to be achieved, the following are;

For Livelihood:

  1. Financial and technical assistance to accredited people’s organizations

For Infrastructure:

  1. Implementation and completion of the People’s Park Development Plan
  2. Construction of additional class room buildings and acquisition of school equipments and facilities for TMC
  3. Sourcing out of water sources and installation of new and durable pipelines and reservoir for ample water supply in strategic locations particularly in the Poblacion area.
  4. Commencement of the dredging and rehabilitation of the Ipil River

For Food:

  1. Subsidy for rice seeds to make the same available and affordable to farmers
  2. Allocation for vegetable and fruit seeds to be distributed to schools and Barangays

For Education:

  1. Financial support to trainings organized by ALS/ Deped
  2. Granting of non-academic scholarship to poor but deserving students
  3. Enhancement of the IT courses of TMC through multi-media technology and procurement of upgraded computers and gadgets to be at par with big colleges and universities in the region

Finally, in coming up with a comprehensive ELA, I would then enjoin everyone to give prior attention to every group dynamics and workshops involved in this historic event.

Thank you and good morning.


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