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Hinlayagan Ilaud, Trinidad, Bohol


Basic Information

Total Land Area 306.9197 Hectares
Timber Land
A&D Land 306.9197 Hectares
Distance from Municipal Hall 5.7890 kms.
Total Population (as of May 2009) 1,096
Total Number of Households 230
Topography Undulating with flat portion
Soil Type Sandy Loam
Climate Evenly distributed rainfall
Typhoon Occurrence Seldom
Barangay Anniversary Every December 3
Year Established 1940
Barangay Fiesta Every May 13
Patron Saint of the Barangay Virgin of Fatima
Geographical Location 10˚01’35.202” to 10˚02’48.384”North and 124˚20’12.572” to 124˚21’31.827” East


East M. Roxas and La Union River, Trinidad, Bohol
West Hinlayagan Ilaya and M. Cabiguhan, Trinidad, Bohol
North M. Cabiguhan and portion of La Union River, Trinidad, Bohol
South Hinlayagan Ilaya, Trinidad, Bohol


Ever since the Spanish Time, this place was already called Hinlayagan. The name Hinlayagan derived from the word “layag” which means sailboat that used to dock at Hinlayagan River bank. Originally, this Barangay was founded by Manuel Hinlayagan with the help of his brothers, Gregorio and Juan. They were then the first Cabeza de Barangay respectively. The area extended up to the boundary of Ipil, Talibon in the north and down to Cambangay Sur in the east. It was such a vast area that in the year 1940, heads of prominent families of the place like Paulino Hinlayagan, Simplicio Otara, Aquilino Autentico, Candido Puracan and Macario Dungog agreed to divide the Barangay into two: Hinlayagan Ilaya, the upper portion and Hinlayagan Ilaud, the lower portion. Since then, the two barangays established their separate local governance. The Teniente de Barangay of Hinlayagan Ilaud were as follows in their proper order. In 1940, Macario Dungog took the rein until 1948, followed by Mamerto Gupita in 1949 to 1953; then by Arcadio Cajes in 1954 to 1959; Canuto Puracan in 1960 to 1965, and Vicente Ybanez in 1966 to 1970. In 1971, Canuto Puracan was reelected. This time, their title or designation was changed to Barangay Captain. After several years, an election was held and Romulo Puracan was elected as Barangay Captain in 1982. Then he resigned and succeeded by Teofilo Gupita, Sr. in 1987 up to 1989. Teofilo Gupita, Sr was replaced by Pedro Gupita by a popular vote in 1989, and in 1994 Pedro Gupita was elected as the first Punong Barangay under the new local government code 1991 (R.A. 7160) and had served up to 2001. During this time, the Barangay gradually took shape. A building was constructed for the session hall and a classroom for the Daycare pupils, electrification of Puroks and opening of feeder roads. A multi-purpose pavement was made for sports and entertainment purposes. When a local election was held in 2001, Punong Barangay Pedro Gupita, ran for Municipal Kagawad and was elected. Then he was succeeded by Manulo R. Dungog, who was his first Councilor at that time. During the Barangay election in 2002, Manulo R. Dungog ran for Punong Barangay and won, which up to the present still holds the office together with his very supportive Kagawads: Victor Canizares, Maximino R. Supero, Timoteo G. Supero, Diosdado D. Cajes, Teofilo I. Gupita, Jr., Carlos T. Isid, Papias F. Autentico and Lecel Puracan – SK Chairman. Together they made several improvements in the Barangay: a new Daycare building, the stage, the public toilet, concrete fencing, ownership of the Barangay lot, a water refilling station, the establishment of separate offices of the Punong Barangay, Secretary and Treasurer and an ongoing Block Tienda. During their incumbency, the Barangay was awarded as “Model Barangay” for two consecutive years (2003 and 2004) and as one the “Top Five Best Performing Barangays” (2006). It was still during their administration that a dangerous part of a farm to market road that claim lives was concreted and improved. Thanks to the coming of the KALAHI-CIDDS: KKB, this long cherished dream of the people of the Barangay was realized through their grants. Then during the Barangay Election last year (2007) a new set of young, energetic personalities emerged as winners. For his second term, Manulo Dungog was re-elected as Punong Barangay together with his newly elected kagawads Teofilo Gupita Jr, Titus Otara, Evelyn Resane, Armecita Ybanes, Fedela Laroga, Emelito Camacho, Jose Leandre Polestico and PJ Gupita-Sk Chairman. With their efforts, the Barangay was able to avail the KALAHI grant for the second time with his newly blessed and inaugurated 17mx32m solar drier. Again thanks to the KALAHI-CIDDS: KKB for this project which we never thought we can own. The Barangay has a total land area of 301, 705 hectares and with a population of 1, 223 inhabitants and 201 households. Its major products are coconut, rice, corn and bananas. Most of the families owned a motorcycle as their service vehicles and a source of livelihood and TV set for their home entertainment. The Barangay is generally peaceful with only very few petty crimes committed.