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Hinlayagan Ilaya, Trinidad, Bohol


Basic Information

Total Land Area : 441.2769 Hectares
Timber Land
A&D Land : 441.2769 Hectares
Distance from Town Proper : 7.0 km
Total Population (as of 2012) : 2,210
Total Number of Households : 421
Topography : Slightly rolling to rolling
Soil Type : Sandy Loam
Climate : Evenly distributed rainfall
Typhoon Occurrence : Seldom
Geographic Location : 10˚01’17.6” to 10˚02’04.7” North and 124˚19’22” to 124˚21’18.2” East
Barangay Anniversary : Every September 29
Year Established : 1920
Barangay Fiesta : Every last Friday of April
Patron Saint of the Barangay : Saint Vincent Ferrer


North : Barangay Sto. Tomas, Trinidad, Bohol
South : Barangay M. Roxas, Trinidad, Bohol
East : Barangay Hinlayagan Ilaud, Trinidad, Bohol
West : Barangay Hagbuyo, San Miguel, Bohol




In the year 1500, the people in this place wore only bark of the trees as their clothes. In this time, they were so innocent and they practiced to worship goddess. Until Spaniards came and spread Christianity throughout the place.

During the Spanish regime they called this placed “LAYAG” as what they used of their banca to land the shore. By some genius mind whom first inhabit in this place, they decided to change the name “LAYAG” by adding three letters H, I, & N before the word layag and two letters A & N after the word layag. They combined all letters in one word as this way HIN + LAYAG + AN = HINLAYAGAN. They used the word as their surname. From them, their co-tribe got an idea for having a surnames. This was the time of Fernando, Lucas and Norberto’s parents.

In 1860, Fernando was born. Together with his two cousins Lucas and Norberto, they grow up and devoted their time for the good of their beloved place Hinlayagan. Until Muslims tried to entice the innocent Christian in Talibon in 1900. So the three cousins with some other friends joined the group of Huwis Eguil to protect the Christian. In this year also, Fernando got married to Cesaria Butal alias “Domalda”, a native from Cambangay Sur.

Marrying someone he love most was not the hindrance of Fernandos undying support and concerned of his native place. With his two cousins together with their supportive relatives and friends worked hand in hand that their place Hinlayagan will be declared as barrio Hinlayagan someday.

In 1917, there was a land survey of Hinlayagan. Right after the survey the three cousins implemented to what they had agreed before, to donate a lot intended for barangay site. Fernando Hinlayagan donated a lot for the chapel and cementery. Lucas and Norberto Hinlayagan for home site.

In April 15, 1920, Hinlayagan was approved as barrio. And Hinlayagan was an official named of the said barrio in honor of the Hinlayagan Clan who acted a major role to realize the barrio Hinlayagan and who were also the first who inhabit the said barrio. Thus, the first five Kapitan Del Barrio came from the Hinlayagan Family.

The following were the Capitan Del Barrio that kept turn one after the other were: Fernando Hinlayagan (1920-1922), Lucas Hinlayagan (1922-1924), Norberto Hinlayagan (1924-1926), Pelagio Hinlayagan (1926-1928), Francisco Hinlayagan (1928-1930), Miguel Cajes (1930-1932), Eulogio Supero (1932-1934), Anatalio Otara (1934-1936), Quiterio Boncales (1936-1938), Macario Dungog (1938-1940), Fermin Avenido (1940-1942), Simplicio Nuera (1942-1944), Bonifacio Hinlayagan (1944-1946), Tranquilino Nuera (1946-1948), Celestino Avenido (1948-1950), Oligario Obejero (1950-1952), Aquilino Autentico (1952-1954), Marcos Puracan (1954-1956), Fruto Nuera (1956-1958), Agapito Fernandez (1958-1960).

The population of barrio Hinlayagan grow faster. So in 1960, this barrio was splited into two barrios, the barrio Hinlayagan Ilaya and Hinlayagan Ilaud. The barrio in upper portion of the river was named Hinlayagan Ilaya and Hinlayagan Ilaud in lower portion.

After splitting, the two barrios had their separate administration and barangay officials. Agapito Fernandez (barangay captain 1958-1966), Bonifacio Ybañez (1966-1970), Miguel Nuera (1970-1982), Agapito Fernandez (reelected for the 2nd time 1982 – 1989), Felicisimo Nuera (1989-1997), Gregorio Cambangay (1997-2007).

The Hinlayagan Ilaya Elementary School was created under the administration of barangay captain Felicisimo Nuera. Construction of barangay hall and two school room building from KALAHI-CIDSS cycle 1 2006 was the under the administration of Barangay Captain Gregorio Cambangay.

First in history of Barangay Hinlayagan Ilaya that a woman runs as barangay captain and won over her contender. Under the administration of barangay captain Nida H. Quisto is the construction of Ondo Jao Gym (in memory of late Barangay Kagawad Guillermo “Ondo” Jao. And the construction of Hinlayagan Ilaya Concrete Footbridge (KALAHI-CIDSS cycle 3 2008) that connect Purok 1 and Purok 4, a short way going to Barangay Bongbong. A continuation of concrete barangay fencing and total rehabilitation of barangay roads, renovation, repainting of barangay health station and some minor development.

At this time, the present barangay officials seeking funds from different agencies to realize the concreting of slope farm to market road going to barangay Bongbong. A very dangerous and accident prone area especially during rainy season.