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San Vicente, Trinidad, Bohol



Basic Information

Total Land Area : 2,293.9193 Hectares
Timber Land : 1,405.6222 Hectares
A&D Land : 888.2971 Hectares
Distance from Town Proper : 2.5 km
Total Population (as of 2012) : 2,097
Total Number of Households : 410
Topography : Plain, hilly
Soil Type : Sandy Loam
Climate : Evenly distributed rainfall
Typhoon Occurrence : Seldom
Geographic Location :
Barangay Anniversary :
Year Established :
Barangay Fiesta :
Patron Saint of the Barangay :


North : Kinan-oan, Trinidad, Bohol
South : Municipal Waters
East : Poblacion, Trinidad, Bohol
West : San Roque, Talibon, Bohol




The history of barangay San Vicente, dates back during the incumbency of Mayor Francisco Cambangay. Over the session dated March 31, 1959 of the Municipal Council of Trinidad, a Resolution No. 21 was duly approved, creating barrio San Vicente . This barrio was a sitio of Poblacion and part of Kinan-oan. It has a population of 83 families and an estimated  442 inhabitants.

This barrio is located along the national highway, Talibon, boundary. On the east is barrio Poblacion, on the south is barrio Kinan-oan, on the north is barrio San Roque, Talibon, and on the west is also barrio San Roque, Talibon. The coconut plantations and ranch of Speaker Cornelio Villareal, the Bohol Cattle Corporation located in this barrio with a total area of 2,700 hectares.

San Vicente is about 2.5 kilometers away from Poblacion, towards the direction of Talibon. The main occupation of the people were farming and fishing. The barrio was famous of crabs, shrimps, oysters and fish because of the Omaging river connected to the Ipil River towards the eastern side.

Weaving was the common home industry from romblon leaves and ticog. Also, the people used buri leaves for mat and bag making.

The barrio has an army-type pre-fabricated school building. It has a barrio center located inside the school site.

Rice, corn, camote, cassava, and bananas were common agricultural crops produced. Coconuts were predominantly abundant in this barrio, as in the case of the plantations of speaker Villareal. San Vicente was rich in Silica minerals and has good source of water supply.

During the barrio elections in 1968, the following officials were elected to office: Pedro Bantilan, barrio Captain; Segundo Cajes, Councilman; Juan Boncales, Councilman; Porferio Orevillo, Councilman; Ramos Auxilio, Councilman; Epifanio Turan, Councilman; Jesus Siason, Councilman.

In the election of barrio officials in 1972, the following were elected: Constantino Ytac, barrio Captain; Epifanio Turan, Councilman; Macario Austria, Councilman; Casimero Nuera, Councilman; Silvestre Paas, Councilman; Luis Rosales, Councilman; and Sulpicio Nuera, Councilman.

Prominent persons of this barrio were Pastor Avenido, who was the Municipal Secretary of Mayor Vicente S. Boncales; Aparicion Rosales, formerly barrio teniente; and Pedro Bantilan, also former barrio captain.