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Soom, Trinidad, Bohol



Basic Information

Total Land Area : 650.2639 Hectares
Timber Land : 70.9793 Hectares
A&D Land : 579.2846 Hectares
Distance from Town Proper :
Total Population (as of 2012) : 1,909
Total Number of Households : 419
Topography :
Soil Type :
Climate : Evenly distributed rainfall
Typhoon Occurrence : Seldom
Geographic Location : 10˚02’18.37” to 10˚04’35.724” North and 124˚22’47.637” to 124˚24’55.3” East
Barangay Anniversary :
Year Established :
Barangay Fiesta :
Patron Saint of the Barangay :


North : Mouth of Soom River
South : Barangay Mahagbu, Trinidad, Bohol
East : Soom River
West : Barangay La Union, Trinidad, Bohol





This barrio was formerly Sitio Soom of Barrio Guinobatan. It was created in the year 1960 when the inhabitants of Soom led by Timoteo Garcia petitioned the Honorable Municipal Council of Trinidad to make Soom a regular barrio of Trinidad and to open an extension class for Soom, in the year 1960, Sitio Soom became regular barrio of Trinidad and an extension class was also formally opened with Gentali-an as the first classroom teacher.

The name “Soom” was derived from a certain legend of this place, where there was a tree at the side of a small bridge connecting the two sides of the river. This tree was inhabited by black creatures which never disappeared from that particular tree.

People then who used to see the small living creatures which were called “Soom”, named the place also Soom which was formerly a sitio of barrio Camambugan of the Municipality of Ubay. However, when the Municipality of Trinidad was created in 1947, the SoomRiver became the boundary between the two municipalities and therefore “Soom” was made a sitio of barrio Guinobatan.