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Tagum Sur, Trinidad, Bohol



Basic Information

Total Land Area : 570.2378 Hectares
Timber Land : 152.5922 Hectares
A&D Land : 417.6456 Hectares
Distance from Town Proper : 4.0 km
Total Population (as of 2012) : 1,433
Total Number of Households : 295
Topography : Generally plain
Soil Type : Ubay Sandy Loam
Climate : Evenly distributed rainfall
Typhoon Occurrence : Seldom
Geographic Location : Located b\n 124˚22’00”-124˚24’10” E  10˚04’00” to 10˚06’00” N
Barangay Anniversary : Every January 5
Year Established : January 05, 1968
Barangay Fiesta : Every May 5/6 & Aug. 28
Patron Saint of the Barangay : St. Augustine


North : Tagum Norte and portion of Soom River, Trinidad, Bohol
South : Soom and La Union, Trinidad Bohol
East : Soom River & Portion of Soom Mainland, Trinidad, Bohol
West : Tagum Norte and portion of Guinobatan, Trinidad,Bohol





Barangay Tagum Sur originated its name from tagum, a kind of herbal plants which abound in the area . Because of its abundance, most of the quack doctors used to drop by to get supply of this famous herbs that is the main reason why most of the people named and called the place Barangay Tagum .

Before it is called by its present official name , the ancient folks living on that time called the place  Sitio Calunasan . During the flagship of Mayor Vicente Boncales, barangay Tagum was divided into two barrios namely Tagum Sur in the southern part and Tagum Norte in the north so that the delivery government services may easily achieved and acknowledged by the barangay constituents. During that time Mayor Vicente Boncales chose an energetic leader for the preparation of a Consultation Plan.  The leader on that time named PABLO J. OTARA.   Pablo Otara or fondly called “Pabling” by most of his friends who was a recognized leader on that time, called a Consultative Meeting so that Sitio Calunasan become a barangay. The members who were present during the consultation were the following:

  1. Mun. Kagawad Eduardo Sayson Cajes –Incumbent councilor 1964
  2. Mamerto Cajes                                                  18.  Pastor Cajes
  3. Toribio Cajes                                                      19.  Jesus Bayonas, Sr.
  4. Jose Gonzales                                                    20.  Eutiquio Odiongan
  5. Anaclito Gonzales                                             21.  Prudencio  Somusa
  6. Regino Tabar                                                     22.  Teofino  Bulabos
  7. Eugenio Quiroy                                                  23.  Bonifacio  Bayonas  Sr.
  8. Maximino Otara                                                24.  Andres  Bayonas
  9. Conrado Avenido                                              25.  Efepania  Cajes
  10. Celestino Somusa                                             26.  Rosendo  Turan
  11. Dionisio Cutor                                                   27.  Doroterio  Sayson
  12. Policarpo Gonzales                                           28.  Placido Añora
  13. Segundino Cornesio                                          29.  Efepanio  Otara
  14. Hugo Gonzales                                                   30.  Roque  Cutaran  Sr.
  15. Felipe Odiongan                                                 31.  Teofilo  Amaba
  16. Vitaliano Tubo
  17. Evaristo Bual


During the Consultative Meeting the members present agreed, to file an “Application Paper”, a Position Paper with the signatures of all Constituents unanimously endorsing Sitio Calunasan into a real Barangay. The said “Application Paper/Position Paper” was submitted to the Municipal Council thru the sponsorship of Municipal Incumbent Kagawads Eduardo Cajes and Arcadio Orevillo. The application was approved in 1964 during the regime of the late Governor Lino I. Chatto and Vice-Gov. David Tirol under the sponsorship of Board Member Erico Aumentado.  On January 5, 1968 Barangay Tagum Sur became an official barangay.