Inaugural Message of Mayor Judith Del Rosario-Cajes





During the Oath-taking Ceremonies of the Newly Elected Municipal Officials

Trinidad Cultural Center

June 30, 2016

My Salute to Hon. Judge Azucena Macalolot-Credo, the presider of the taking of our oath of offices as your newly elected and re-elected municipal officials, to our new and ever energetic Vice mayor, Hon. Manuel Garcia, members of the Sangguniang Bayan, to our very supportive former congressman and former mayor and incumbent TMC School Administrator, Atty. Roberto C. Cajes, to my kind and understanding children who are always with me every step of the way, to my friends and supporters, ladies and gentlemen good morning.

 First and foremost, I thank God for giving me another opportunity of serving my fellow Trinidadnons through the overwhelming victory given to me during the just concluded elections, without His blessings I, together with my party mates could not have attained a landslide win. A big round of applause to the Almighty please.

 Secondly, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to our Barangay captains, our leaders and supporters in the 20 barangays for putting yourselves on the line amidst the danger and for enduring the heated verbal exchanges and insults from the leaders and supporters of our political opponents during the campaign period by standing your ground to protect the integrity and promote the accomplishments of my administration.

And most important of all, the casting of your votes of confidence to us on the election day that gave us the unprecedented victory that ever happened in our town’s political history, and because of that you really deserve a big round of applause as well.

The unwavering support given to the Cajes-Gonzales administration that you have done for the last three successive terms only proved your trust and confidence in our capacity to lead Trinidad as new breed of politicians who are espousing dedicated and genuine services. Your support and our innovations have resulted in making our town what it is today, one of the most progressive towns in the province of Bohol.

This track record is what I am humbly looking forward to continue if not transcended in the Cajes- Garcia administration. With this new mandate, I am embarking my governance in the next three years on the following principles and thrusts which we have taken from our political platform with an acronym TRINIDAD during our campaign sorties.

  • Responsiveness – I must see to it that public services are delivered and requests and complaints are responded to within reasonable time frame and that our Objectives, rules, structures and procedures shall be adapted to the legitimate expectations and needs of our people especially the poor ones.


  • Efficiency and Effectiveness– I shall exercise prudence o pagdaginot in the utilization of our financial and physical resources, equipment and other facilities so that we can save money to be used for other needed services. Kong mahimo likayan ang pagbiyahe ug pagtambong og mga conventions o mga seminar nga dili kaayo importante ug mopili lamang niadtong importante ug makatabang sa dugang pagpalambo sa lungsod. We shall maintain our existing management systems that have been proven effective to evaluate and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our services.


  • Openness and Transparency– Akong segurohon nga ang mga desisyon gikuha ug ipatuman sumala sa mga balaod ug regulasyon. Ug abli usab kami sa mga sugyot ug mga positibong pagsaway gikan sa mga katawhan nga makatabang sa pagpalambo sa among pagdumala. Ang mga Impormasyon kabahin sa mga proyekto, mga palisiya, procurement procedures ug mga desisyon kinahanglang ipahibawo sa katawhan aron sila ug kamo makasubay kabahin niini ug makatampo sa pagtul-id sa angay nga tul-iron aron sa pagpalig-on sa atong pangagamhanang lokal.


  • Ethical Conduct – We believe in the time-honored principle that public good is placed before individual interest thus; we shall device effective measures to prevent and combat all forms of corruption. Kami usab ang mag-una isip ehemplo sa mga empleyado sa pagka-time conscious diha sa pagbuhat sa among mga tahas ug responsibilidad aron mahimong sumbanan sa maayong serbisyo. Among dasigon ug paningkamoton sa among kaugalingon nga matag Lunes anaa gayod kami sa naandang flag –raising ceremonies ug nga hatagan gayod og prayorida ang pagpanday sa mga balaodnon ug mga resolusyon nga magtubag sa panginahanglan sa katawhan ug mag-abag sa mga programa sa Ehekotibo.


 Paglikay sa mga temtasyon og mga bisyo nga makadaot sa among pagka-tawo aron dili mapanas ang pagsalig sa katawhan.


  • Competence and Capacity – We shall strive to hone our professional skills by way of hands-on trainings, consultations with basic sectors and other related capacity-building endeavors so that we will be able to deliver , maintain and strengthen our good governance in order to improve our outputs and impacts as local leaders of Trinidad. Practical methods and procedures shall be used in order to transform skills into capacity and to produce better results; this will also apply to all our LGU employees.


  • Innovation and Openness to Change- Our people have seen the innovation that we have put in place in Trinidad Municipal College from being an obscure private institution to being an LGU-managed and owned learning institution. Transforming TMC into an economic enterprise has really helped in propelling the unprecedented economic growth that we experience today from being a 4th class municipality some years back to a 3rd class municipality at this present time. We take pride in pioneering this type of innovation in Bohol that some LGUs have followed and replicated in their respective jurisdictions. Not far from now, is another potential economic enterprise which the LGU through our untiring effort will implement, the Trinidad Water System Project worth PhP 15,000,000.00.

Aside from providing reliable water supply for the water –hungry residents of Poblacion and neighboring barangays as it will operate on a 24/7 basis, the income that will be derived from this enterprise will surely add-up to our town’s annual income. We will continue to find favorable innovations and changes in order to achieve better results for the good of our people.

  • Sound Financial Management- My administration will continue to adhere the rules and regulations set by the Government particularly the Commission on Audit on the use of our funds, utilization of our properties, disclosure of the different projects and their respective costs so that our people will be apprised on how we manage our funds and finances. Akong ipadayon ang pagpahibalo sa kahimtang sa atong panodlanan pinaagi sa paghatag og mga taho kabahin niini diha sa atong website, sa bulletin boards sa merkado ug munisipyo aron makita kini sa atong mga lumolopyo.


  • Accountability  – All decision- makers, collective and individual, shall take responsibility for their decisions and actions. Ang mga public officials, heads of offices sa munisipyo responsable gayod sa ilang mga plano desisyon og binuhatan hilabina niadtong dunay epekto sa mga katawhan. Decisions shall be reported on and explained to the public during assemblies or forums for transparency purposes.

Kining maong mga prinsipyo mao ang sumbanan sa akong pagdumala sa mosunod nga tulo ka tuig aron ato gayong mapatuman sa hingpit ug sa maayong paagi ang pagpahiluna sa mga plano, proyekto ug hilabina sa pagdumala sa atong pangagamhanang lokal. Kini ug uban pa dili gayod mahingpit ug matuman kong ang matag-usa hilabina sa akong kaubang opisyales magpasagad lamang sa ilang mga katungdanan. Our people deserve our good, exemplary and committed leadership because our beloved town, Trinidad is growing and shall continue to grow with dynamic leaders and supportive followers.

Sa katapusan, akong gayong kinasing-kasing nga pasalamat kaninyong tanan sa inyong pagsalig diri kanako ug sa akong kaubang mga opisyales. Rest-assured that we will not fail your expectations as we will strive to the best of our abilities to be more responsive to your needs and aspirations.

Salamat ug maayong buntag. Mabuhi ang Trinidad.