“Trinidad, a flourishing center of education, agri-tourism and eco-adventure destination of Bohol whose God-loving people enjoy social security, economic stability, living in a balanced, safe and climate change adaptive environment, led by effective and committed leadership.“

To secure strong ties between the LGU and its development partners in order to build a community of citizens and leaders who are capacitated to sustainably manage the town’s resources for tourism promotion, environmental protection, heritage conservation, educational and technological advancement, and socio-economic development.


  1. To attain a sustainable development of its available resources, both human and natural, with emphasis on agro industrial based investments and eco-adventure tourism development.
  2. To strengthen governance and management capabilities of the municipal government and barangays.
  3. To promote a sustainable agriculture and aqua-culture services and provision of agri-tech support and facilities.
  4. To design tourism development plan as guiding tool for development of tourism-related infrastructure and projects.
  5. To institute health and medical programs that should facilitate sound health among its people and afford medical aid for the poorest among the poor in the town.
  6. To create a vibrant socio-economic environment thus making the town a desirable place for dwelling, business and eco-cultural adventure.
  7. To establish a unified multi-sectoral participation in its economic development, particularly for its eco-tourism, culture and creative industry.
  8. To empower the people thru skills training, affordable and quality college education and enhance capability building for community and local government leaders.
  9. To formulate and implement business friendly policies which will invigorate business activity, attract investors and proliferate the principle of free trade in the town.
  10. To establish an environment that is friendly to children, youth, women and elderly where their rights and privileges are duly promoted upheld and recognized.