A ceremony was held in Barangay La Union to mark the turnover of the Vegetable Crop Production & Management for Sustainable Livelihood Program, a program worth 900K aimed at promoting sustainable agriculture and providing livelihood opportunities for 60 beneficiaries from the AFFILA association. The program seeks to produce healthy and nutritious vegetables while minimizing the environmental impact of crop production and maximizing profitability for growers.

The ceremony was attended by Hon. Roberto C. Cajes, Ph.D., who delivered a keynote speech emphasizing the importance of sustainable agriculture in promoting food security and economic development. Also present were Former Mayor Judith R. Cajes, Hon. Joan Cajes-Imboy, Barangay Captain Hon. Zosito Orevillo, Mrs. Avelina Lopeciros, Ms. Vicky Cajes, Mr, Averil Brian S. Tinio, Mr. Victor Cajes Mr. Chris Añana – Capbuild Officer, Architect Jumao-as PDO II, Danilo Calamba-PDO II and members of the AFFILA association.

The program aims to not only improve the livelihoods of the beneficiaries but also promote sustainable agricultural practices and encourage community development. The turnover ceremony marks an important milestone in the community’s efforts towards promoting sustainable agriculture and improving the lives of its members.