On the 22nd of August, 2023, the Rural Health Unit of Trinidad took a significant step toward promoting maternal and infant health by organizing an enlightening Orientation on Breastfeeding Support Group. This event, held at the Trinidad Business Park Covered Court, Lipata, Guinobatan, Trinidad, Bohol, aimed to provide essential education to breastfeeding mothers and expectant women, shedding light on proper breastfeeding techniques, the vital significance of breast milk, and its far-reaching impact on the community.

The event showcased the expertise of Ms. Janice Bustamante-Aton, an International Lactation Consultant, who graced the occasion as the guest speaker. Ms. Bustamante-Aton’s insights brought a wealth of knowledge to the attendees, emphasizing the importance of well-informed breastfeeding practices.

The event’s leadership was helmed by Dr. Novariza Evangelista, recently appointed as the Municipal Health Officer, who presided over the proceedings. Dr. Evangelista’s stewardship was further fortified by the guidance and support extended by Hon. Joan Cajes-Imboy, a prominent figure in the realm of health advocacy, serving as the Chairperson of the Committee on Health.

Central to the event’s mission was the imparting of essential knowledge to mothers and expectant women, ensuring that they are well-equipped with the skills to provide optimal care to their newborns. The event aimed not only to educate but also to establish a dedicated breastfeeding support group within the Trinidad. This support network is poised to offer emotional and physical assistance to breastfeeding mothers as they navigate the intricacies of providing exclusive breastfeeding to their infants.

The potential impact of this informative gathering on the community cannot be overstated. By equipping mothers with the tools and knowledge they need to foster the health and well-being of their children, the event sets the stage for healthier generations to come. The benefits of breastfeeding extend beyond individual households, fostering a healthier community as a whole.

A noteworthy highlight of the event was the involvement of Hon. Joan Cajes-Imboy, who not only champions the cause of breastfeeding but also empathizes with the journey, being a mother herself. In a heartwarming gesture, Hon. Joan thoughtfully arranged giveaways for lactating mothers, which included essential items such as breast milk collector cups, storage bags, manual breast pumps, and electric breast milk pumps. These items serve as practical aids, making the breastfeeding journey smoother for the mothers and their little ones.

In conclusion, the Orientation on Breastfeeding Support Group hosted by the Rural Health Unit of Trinidad is a commendable endeavor that signifies the community’s commitment to maternal and infant well-being. By spreading awareness, sharing knowledge, and establishing a support network, this event is set to create a positive ripple effect, fostering healthier families and a stronger community in the process.