HINLAYAGAN ILAUD, TRINIDAD, BOHOL – August 10, 2023: A momentous chapter in Trinidad’s history was marked today with the commencement of the groundbreaking ceremony for the Bulk Potable Water Supply project. This pivotal event, a joint endeavor between Richli Corps. and the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Trinidad, heralds a new era of progress and well-being for the municipality.

Photo: (left) Hon. Cecilia Alvarez, Hon. Fernando Erio, Vice-Gov. Dionisio Balite, Atty. Roberto C. Cajes, Ph.D, Engr. Alfredo Calinawan and Mr. Ralph Lim (Richli Corps. President)

The ceremony commenced with a solemn blessing of the project area by Rev. Fr. Paulito Amplayo and Rev. Fr. Jeffrey Camargo, infusing the proceedings with a sense of divine purpose and unity. As the sun’s rays illuminated the Hinlayagan Ilaud site, the significance of this undertaking became abundantly clear – a shared commitment to ensuring a sustainable and dependable water supply for the people of Trinidad, Bohol.

The dynamic and project-oriented Mayor, Atty. Roberto C. Cajes, Ph.D., extended a warm welcome to the guests, highlighting the transformative potential of the Bulk Potable Water Supply project. His visionary leadership serves as a driving force behind the realization of this initiative.

Distinguished attendees from across Bohol converged to witness and participate in this groundbreaking event. Among them was Vice-Governor Hon. Dionisio Balite, underscoring the significance of the initiative at the provincial level. The ceremony saw the presence of prominent personalities, including representatives from the Provincial Office of Bohol, LGU Trinidad Department Heads, and the dedicated staff of Richli Corporation, all united in their dedication to this monumental endeavor.

During the proceedings, Richli President Mr. Ralph Lim delivered a statement of purpose, emphasizing the corporation’s commitment to the well-being of the community and the project’s role in enhancing the quality of life for Trinidad’s residents. Mr. Leoncio Evasco Jr. and Vice-Mayor Fernando Erio also shared their heartfelt messages, reinforcing the collaborative spirit that propels this endeavor forward.

As the first shovel broke the ground, it signified more than just the start of construction; it marked the genesis of improved access to clean and safe water for the generations to come. The Bulk Potable Water Supply project stands as a testament to what can be achieved when public and private entities synergize their efforts for the greater good.

As the project takes shape in the coming months, it will undoubtedly serve as a beacon of hope and progress for Trinidad, Bohol, and the neighboring towns. As we witness the transformation unfolding before our eyes, let us remain steadfast in our support, united by the shared goal of securing a brighter and more sustainable future.